5000 Series Windows

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Window Town has a tradition in the home improvement industry for providing the best values available to our customers and the 5000 series is no exception. The basic window construction has been reengineered and the materials upgraded to provide you with a maintenance free and energy efficient window that is a great cost-effective choice.

With all Window Town products, Super Spacer is standard, along with a number of other features that other companies charge extra for. We believe that you will be ecstatic with the maintenance free vinyl construction and the increased resale value of your home.

The 5000 series, it’s a win, win, win. Increased home value, energy savings, and an appearance you will enjoy for many years to come.


Double Hung

The Window Town 5000 Series double hung windows are made with thermal and structural performance in mind. This high-performance vinyl window makes maintenance a thing of the past. Enjoy the beauty, high performance, and maintenance-free convenience that the Window Town 5000 Series has to offer. Our double hung window comes in white or almond color.


Sliding Windows

Consider Window Town vinyl sliding windows for a contemporary look and modern style. The smooth-operating brass rollers provide convenience and durability. These windows are a perfect addition to any room and will coordinate with any decorating theme. Our easy lift-out sashes make cleaning a breeze. Benefits of this window include an almost unobstructed view, maximum ventilation and cleaning of both sides of the window from inside the home.

Glass Options

Window Town Windows come with your choice of double or triple pane depending on the series of window you choose. Low-E glass options and gas fill will directly affect the efficiency of your new windows. We offer a variety of options to fit your region of the country and your budget. Our Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum glass packages are options that you will want to discuss with your window representative.

Grid Options

The dust-free grids are placed in the air space between the window panes. They are offered in three different colors and styles. Brass Pencil, Sculptured, Flat.

Color Options

Window Town's 5000 Series Windows come in your choice of white or almond.

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